Huge Consignment Sale in Maryland – Clean out & Cash In!

Consignment Sale in Maryland – a  great way to do some spring cleaning and get make some extra cash!

Consignment sales are not new but they sure are fun and can be quite profitable! And you can find just about anything you need from Maternity to babies to tweens and teens! And now there is a Ladies and Home Goods sale that happens at the same time for even more deals!

You can find new and like new clothing shoes, toys, books, dvd’s, room decor, video games, arts ‘n crafts, home-schooling, baby equipment and so much more at the Wee-cycle Mart event. And at the She-cycle Mart event you can find ladies clothing from petite to plus, shoes, books, movies, home decor, jewelry, purses, exercise wear and equipment, small appliances, and more!

tee shirt


Consignors at the Wee-cycle Mart and She-cycle Mart Consignment Sale earn 55-100% commission!

Register here:

For more info go to and

Check out Facebook: and


Tip of the Day – Massive Imperfect Action

Tip of the Day – Massive Imperfect Action by Blaney Teal

Massive Imperfect Action – Can you relate?

Have you ever found yourself where you have so many things to do or you have something you really want to do but you want it to be perfect before you put it out there. Maybe it’s a newsletter you been wanting to send your customers maybe it’s a blog post that you’ve been wanting to write or maybe it’s a video you’ve been wanting to make. But you find yourself not doing it because you want it to be perfect or you don’t want to do it all. Well I can tell you right now we have to STOP thinking like that as it’s going to hold you back in your business.

Massive Imperfect Action

There’s a thing called Massive Imperfect Action and I’m giving you permission to take it!!!! It’s ok to put out a video where you pronounce a word wrong, I’ve done it! It’s ok to post on your blog later to find a typo.  Its ok to send a newsletter and then remember you forgot something.  Its ok to just be yourself and if you mess up it really is OK, because we’re after all human. But most importantly don’t let it hold you back.  Iff you don’t put it out there even as imperfect as it is,  you’re not going to gain new  business.  You’re not gonna make new connections and you’re not going to make any money.

So,  I am giving you permission right now to go out there and do whatever it is you been thinking about doing but you haven’t done it.  Stop procrastinating because you wanted to be perfect. Take Imperfect Massive Action right now!

I give you permission and that is my tip of the day!

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Deal of the Day – FREE Instantly Ageless Sample

Free Sample of Instantly Ageless available for Limited Time.

Watch the video and you’ll see the link at the end to get your free sample of Instantly Ageless. As featured on Rachel Ray, Inside Edition and The Doctors TV shows. Instantly Ageless is taking the world by storm AND making men and woman look younger in just 2 minutes a day! Watch this amazing live demo and then be sure to request your sample of Instantly Ageless.

Instantly Ageless™ is one of the most talked about anti-aging products — and for good reason. The results people are experiencing in mere seconds after application are nothing short of jaw-dropping. And this video is no exception.


Meticulously developed, our formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of free sample Instantly Agelessminerals that evens skin tone. Instantly Ageless™ immediately dissolves into the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s specifically designed to target areas which have lost elasticity—revealing visibly toned, lifted skin. Users have seen dramatic results in seconds.


• Lightweight, oil-free formula
• Contains active peptide, argireline
• Complex rigorously developed
• Can be worn with or without makeup

Learn more about this amazing product.


Deal of the Day – FREE Crystal MOM Necklace!

My FREE Trendy Crystal Mom Necklace came today.

trendy crystal mom necklace
The one off the website.

I love finding great deals and sharing them with my friends and family! Here is one of the great deals I found. Perfect for Mother’s day And they are giving it away for FREE! Just go here: Deal of the Day

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and it finally came today!  If you order one soon, there is more than enough time to get here for Mother’s Day.

Shipping is $4.95 but that is still a great deal. On the left below, is a photo of the one I received today. I took it laying in my hand.  The crystals are were clear and the chain is nice and sturdy and is adjustable for different lengths! It really is worth the shipping of $4.95.  So glad I took a chance and bought it!

The one I got today.

Here is the site where I found this deal. They have some other great shirts and mugs for moms and more!  You may want to head over and check it out.


Tip of the Day – Don’t Get Paralyzed!

Don’t get Paralyzed when you start your new home-based business!

When you are new to a business, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with information that you feel paralyzed. Can you relate?

You’ve just started a brand new business. It could be a home based business, maybe a direct sales or online network marketing business, what it is doesn’t really matter. The most important thing you need to know is you don’t need to know everything to get started.  What do I mean by that?  Well, you don’t need to have watched every video out there on your product. You don’t need to have learned everything there is about social media marketing or branding. You don’t need to know every ingredient or how the products are made Don't get paralyzed 3right now. Trying to learn everything right from the beginning is sure to overwhelm you and make you “paralyzed”. You just got started, right? So the way I see it, it’s kind of a need to know basis or even better a learn as you grow basis!

What you DO NEED to know is how to start making money right now because if you get overwhelmed with putting process in place, learning everything about everything, you’re never gonna take action.  You’re gonna be “paralyzed” and then you’re not going to make any money and guess what?  You’ll most likely quit!

With that said, you want to focus on money-making activities first.  Don’t be afraid if somebody ask you a question and you don’t know the answer.  You can always say you are brand new and don’t know everything but I know where
to go to get the answer.  It’s certainly acceptable to say that and it’s totally duplicatable for your new team members as well. Does that make sense?  If you can’t tell, I’m trying to really make the point that you don’t need to know everything to be successful in business.

How to run your business and knowing facts about your products are definitely something that you’re going to learn as you go and you’re going to get better and better at it the longer you are with the company. Even myself, I’m still learning every single day and the best leaders are always learning.  My husband is a great example. He has a job in corporate America and he’s constantly taking new leadership and management classes because he’s always trying to better himself and the leader that he is.

Let’s just go back to basics.  You’re new,  you’re excited!  You got into this business to make money. So let’s look at what could make you money TODAY!  You need to start getting the word out about your service or product right away.  A great way to do that is sending texts to the contacts in your phone.  You will also want to be emailing those contacts as well.  You want to be sharing your product/service or your business opportunity with everybody that you know. Now, don’t  go “throwing up” all over them, no one wants to be thrown up on about an opportunity, product or service.  But think about this, if you went to a good movie, you’re going to tell friends and family about the great movie.  You go to a great restaurant you would most likely tell them about the great food at that restaurant maybe even take pictures of your food and post about it on Facebook. So this is no different from going into a store and finding a great product and you telling your friends and family about it .

And here is the catch…if you don’t let them know that they can buy the product or service from you, you may learn later that they bought it from someone else! Then how would you feel?

You want to focus your activity on things that make you money. Do you want to blog, absolutely, but do you need to do it right Don't get paralyzednow?  Probably not.  I waited to start blogging about my business until I was in it for a while because I wanted to make sure that I was making income first. Blogging can make you money, brand yourself etc, but it doesn’t make money immediately. It’s just one of the tools that you use to build your brand and market yourself eventually.

  • Your time in the early stages of your new business venture is best spent doing demonstrations of your product. As well as sending private messages on Facebook and texting your friends and family. Heck, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the phone and call some close friends too!
  • You want to be active on social media.  With that said,  you don’t need to know everything about social media right now.  Start with ONE  platform and perfect that.  I’d recommend starting with Facebook then go to YouTube, then move on to Twitter , Instagram,  and Pinterest. I promise you, if you try to do all of them at once,  you’re going to get “paralyzed” once again. 

So if you’re like me,  you may have a ton of great ideas.  You may have a list of things that you want to implement and put into action. So in the next Tip of the Day, I’m gonna share with you what I use to keep track of all of those ideas so that you don’t get paralyzed and get nothing done. By staying focused, and taking it one step at a time, you will be able to move forward in your business, take action now and can start make money immediately. 

Don't get paralyzed 2If you need help setting up with social media and posting on a regular basis, contact me using the form below as I have some resources that can help you get everything set up fast and its super affordable! (Delegation is good skill to learn too!)

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Instantly Ageless on The Doctors TV Show! Live Demo and Review

Instantly Ageless was featured on National Television (The Doctors), yet again!

Who could believe it, when I woke yesterday and saw Instantly Ageless on The Doctors TV Show! So exciting!

First it was the Rachel Ray Show

Then it was Inside Edition

Now, it’s the T.V. show “The Doctors” which gives even MORE creditability to this phenomenal product.

The Doctors is an Emmy Award-Winning daytime talk show. With all the buzz generated by Instantly Ageless, the medical professionals wanted to put Instantly Ageless to the test. They called the segment “Miracle Cream Instantly Eliminates Under Eye Bags”.  On the show, board certified dermatologist, Sonia Batra, M.D. performs the live demo to minimize the appearance of under eye bags on the test subject, Esther (show below). While doing so, Dr. Batra touts the effectiveness of Instantly Ageless key ingredients such as Argireline and mineral silicates and explains the science behind and how the product works.instantly ageless on the Doctors TV show

Check it out, once again everyone LOVED it.

By the way, none of these T.V. shows were paid by Jeunesse to talk about our product line.

This is a very special product, it’s changing lives all over the world.

If you’re looking for samples of Instantly Ageless at no cost and/or a fantastic business opportunity with this product and many more, click this link and request one from me and I will send it out to you ASAP .

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Complete Tool for Home Based Business Online Newbies

Secret to getting your home based business online FAST!

Today I want to share my secret to getting your home based business up and running online FAST and without a lot of expenses! You know you need to be online, right? You need to put content out there to out content your competition, right?  But, you don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? You can hire a website designer and have them set it up for you which will cost a pretty penny. Or, you can read on to find out about what I use! My complete tool for home based business online newbies!

To effectively marketing your business online, you need 3 things:

  1. An easy to remember domain name

  2. A custom website

  3. A personalized blog

Domain Name:

If you are part of direct sales or network marketing company, you may have been given a replicated website for your business for free or for a small monthly fee.  However, typically those URLs can be quite long and may be hard to remember or spell.  You will want to get a domain name that is shorter so will fit better on a business card, something not too long or hard to spell.  A good idea would be to get YOUR NAME as its important to brand YOU not your company. What if your company goes out of business? What if you decide you want to move to another company? It’s great to have a web address that you can forward to your new business replicated site, what ever that may be now or in the future. You will never need to worry about broken links on your social media site or order new business cards ever again!

And what if it came with 10 free emails addresses….so you could have different emails to give out…like one for junk newsletter sign ups, one for business, one for personal. You would NEVER need to change emails when you change internet providers or companies ever again. Yes there is always Gmail but your own domain looks so much more professional. Agreed? What do you like better or

Custom Website:

Now you may have a corporate website that you need to use to place orders plus it probably has great info about your product or website for beginnersservice for your customers. These replicated sites are a required to keep things above-board, professional and duplicateable for everyone. A level playing field. However, there may be a need for you to have an additional website to brand YOU. Maybe you want to brand yourself , say as a “health coach” or “personal jewelry shopper” not just a rep for a certain company. That of course is up to you and may be something you may not do now but may want to do in the future as your business grows.  The advantage to having your own website is you can customize it yourself. You can always send people to your official site to order or join your company. But your unique website is a good “landing page” when getting leads etc.

No experience? No problem…the included site builder with my secret tool offers “drag and drop”  so its easy to use with no coding. Trust me anyone can do it!


And last but not least, blogging is NOT dead. A blogging platform is a great place to express yourself, give value and share information that you can then SHARE with social media like Facebook and Twitter. WordPress is the best blog platform wordpress for home based newbiesout there for beginners and has lots of advanced features to grow as you grow. It’s a great way to get Google to find you and rank you for certain words or phrases.

And what if you could have 5 blogs. You could have a blog for different niches, lets say: Fitness, Beauty, Family, whatever. Or just 1 that is up to you. Again, it can grow as you do.  And here’s the best news, my secret tool has awesome video tutorials to get your started even if you have never used WordPress before.

Already have a blog?  You can move it to this service AND then cancel your other one. That’s what I did and it’s saving me a ton of money.

Advanced users can buy a few extra domains at and forward them to each of the blogs or website if needed. It really doesn’t get any easier than this! This blog was created with the service!

So my secret weapon happens to be an affiliate program so yes, I do make $1 each month off your signing up for the service but guess what? So can you, you can share this little secret with your upline, downline, team or other business owners you know.  It really is a time-saving tool and a money saver too! They will be happy to have the referral if they are i need of any of these services. It’s also very duplicateable. So when your bring on new team members, you can show them how easy it is to get them set up with their online presence! Again, they will thank you!

complete webstart packageAnd here’s the best part….you can get a domain name for life,  a website you can create in minutes and up to 5 blogs for just ….wait for it…. $10 a month. That’s right, no contract, no hosting fees, just a flat $10 per month.

Are you ready to learn more?

How about a 7 day No Strings attached FREE Trial?  Did I say it is only $10 a month after that…Ok what are you waiting for…Get your complete WebStart package-perfect for home-based business online newbies!  

Free Trial

7 FREE Tools for the online NEWBIE

FREE Online Tools to help Home Based Business Newbies

Which free online tools are best for newbies?

So I have been asked so many times, what programs, free online tools, apps etc that I personally use to help run my online Home-based Business. Honestly, there are so many good options out there and some I am sure I have yet to
7 FREE TOOLS FOR THE NEWBIE MARKETER discover. But, I can say  this….over the years, I found myself, trying this program and that. Spending money on different tools only to find out that they were too hard to use or really not meant for me or what I wanted to do. I am not an internet guru. I learn by doing and experimenting.I wanted tools that are free or close to free and that have a fast learning curve. So I wrote a quick guide to  7 FREE online tools that I personally use everyday to run my business. And you can get it for free here! 

I am sure that you will love the 7 FREE online time-saving tools for the home based business newbies. They are guaranteed to help make your efforts in online marketing easier and they are all FREE! I promise they are super easy to use and if you can’t figure it out. Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to give you some direction!

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Consignor registration now open

Consignor Registration OPEN for Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart

Consignor Registration for Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart Sales for Spring 2016 are OPEN!

Consignor Registration is NOW OPEN!! Now is the time to get registered to be consignor for the Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart Sales in Maryland! Consigning is great way to clean out and cash in on items your family no longer needs or uses! You can earn up to 100% commission! And there are 4 locations to choose from. We host Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart sales in Baltimore, Harford/Cecil, Carroll and Anne Arundel Counties!

There is no limit to the number of items you can bring, this will ensure a bigger check for you! But please remember, all items must be new or LIKE NEW condition. Don’t waste time tagging items that will get rejected anyway!

Consignor registration fee is only $9 and you can get the fee refunded when you volunteer at least 2 (4 hour) shifts during the week of the sale!  We DO limit the number of consignors, again so that you can big the biggest check possible!

We also pay referral fees when you refer NEW 1st time consignors! And when you consign at Wee-cycle Mart, you get the registration fee waived for She-cycle Mart!

So with all these great reason! Be sure to get registered TODAY!

For more info on dates and exact locations of Wee-cycle Mart or She-cycle Mart go to or

If you are ready to register to consign, you can go directly to

Find us on Facebook:  or

Find us on Twitter:

Find us on Instagram:

Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart registration now open

tip of the day

Tip of the Day – Don’t Get Distracted by Facebook!

Blaney Teal’s Tip of the Day!

So here’s my Tip of the Day!  This is helpful for home-based business online newbies or anyone who keeps getting distracted by Facebook while trying to work!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you go onto Facebook to do a business post, or check your private messages from potential clients or customers and then find that you get “distracted”?

My husband calls this getting squirreled!  It’s when you get on Facebook to do a specific task and you end up getting OFF task, reading people’s profiles and wall posts and before you know it you haven’t done the task that you went to Facebook to do?? Can you relate??? If so, read on!

To help improve my time management, I discovered two really awesome Chrome Extensions that
are FREE!  These 2 tools can help you stop getting squirreled and I use them so I can tell
you they work! You can find them in the Chrome Extension Store.

  1. The first one is called Kill News Feed This one actually wipes our your news feed and puts the words “Do not
    Kill News Feed - Tip of the Day
    Kill News Feed – Tip of the Day

    get distracted by Facebook” .   So now when I log onto Facebook, I can check messages, notifications and even post to my pages without the distraction of seeing my friends posts. I can go to my wall and interact with people who have made comments, likes and shares without getting distracted!  It really works for me! Try it and comment below if you like it too!

  2. The second one tis call Facebook Nanny.  This one will let you check your new notifications and messages. and
    Tip of the Day Blaney Teal
    Facebook Nanny, Tip of the Day

    then after a few minutes after you’ve cleared all new notifications, it totally blocks out Facebook. And put a screen up that says, “Don’t you have work to do?” It tells you staying on Facebook at this point is a waste of time! This is great if you are constantly being tempted to get onto Facebook and stay on longer than you should .

I hope you enjoy the Tip of the Day , I will be posting more!  I do encourage you to please share this video with your fellow direct sales and online marketers but also feel  free to connect with me on Facebook under Blaney Teal Entrepreneur. or feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the next Tip of the Day!

I hope you have a great day so till next time until the next tip of the day!